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other place more Southerly, which they had not ſeene nor could diſcouer, by reaſon of the violence of the ſeaſon all the time of their abode there. Some iudged the entrance thereof might bee beyond the Sholes, but there is no certaintie thereof as yet knowne. That night the Gouernour accompanied with others, hauing Tiſquantum for his Interpreter went aſhore; At firſt the Inhabitants plaied leaſt in ſight, becauſe none of our people had euer beene there before; but vnderſtanding the ends of their comming, at length came to them, welcomming our Gouernour according to their Sauage manner, refreſhing them verie well with ſtore of veniſon and other victuals, which they brought them in great abundance, promiſing to trade with them, with a ſeeming gladneſſe of the occaſion: yet their ioy was mixed with much iealousie, as appeared by their after practiſes: for at firſt they were loath their dwellings ſhould bee knowne, but when they ſaw our Gouernours reſolution to ſtay on the ſhore all night, they brought him to their houſes, hauing firſt conuayed all their ſtuffe to a remote place, not farre from the ſame, which one of our men walking forth occaſionally eſpied; whereupon, on the ſudden, neither it nor them could bee found, and ſo many times after vpon conceiued occaſions, they would bee all gone, bag and baggage: But being afterwards (by Tiſquantums meanes) better perſwaded, they left their iealouſie and traded with them; where they got eight hogſheads of corne and beanes, though the people were but few. This gaue our Gouernour and the company good encouragement. Tiſquantum being ſtill confident in the paſſage, and the Inhabitants affirming, they had ſeene ſhips of good burthen paſſe within the Sholes aforeſaid. But here, though they had determined to make a ſecond aſſay, yet God had otherwayes diſpoſed, who ſtrucke Tiſquantum with ſickneſſe, in ſo much as hee