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there died, which croſſed their Southward trading, and the more becauſe the Maſters ſufficiencie was much doubted, and the ſeaſon verie tempeſtuous, and not fit to goe vpon diſcouerie, hauing no guide to direct them.

From thence they departed, and the wind being faire for the Maſſachuſets went thither, and the rather becauſe the Sauages vpon our motion had planted much corne for vs, which they promiſed not long before that time. When they came thither, they found a great ſickneſſe to be amongſt the Indians, not vnlike the plague, if not the ſame. They renued their complaints to our Gouernour, againſt that other plantation ſeated by them, for their iniurious walking. But indeed the trade both for Furres and corne was ouerthrowne in that place, they giuing as much for a quart of corne, as we vſed to doe for a Beauers skin; ſo that little good could be there done. From thence they returned into the bottome of the Bay of Cape Cod, to a place called Nauſet, where the Sachim vſed the Gouernour very kindly, and where they bought eight or ten hogſheads of corne and beanes. Alſo at a place called Mattachieſt, where they had like kind entertainment and corne alſo. During the time of their trade in theſe places, there were ſo great and violent ſtormes, as the ſhip was much endangered, and our ſhallop caſt away, ſo that they had now no meanes to carry the corne aboard that they had bought, the ſhip riding by their report well neere two leagues from the ſame, her owne Boat being ſmall, and ſo leake, (hauing no Carpenter with them) as they durſt ſcarce fetch wood or water in her. Hereupon the Gouernour cauſed the corne to be made in a round ſtack, and bought mats, and cut ſedge to couer it, and gaue charge to the Indians not to meddle with it, promiſing him that dwelt next to it a reward, if he would keep vermine alſo from it, which he vndertooke, and the