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Sachim promiſed to make good. In the meane time, according to the Gouernours requeſt, the Sachim ſent men to ſeeke the ſhallop, which they found buried almoſt in ſand at a high-water marke, hauing many things remaining in her, but vnſeruiceable for the preſent; whereof the Gouernour gaue the Sachim ſpeciall charge that it ſhould not be further broken, promiſing ere long to fetch both it and the corne; aſſuring them, if neither were diminiſhed, he would take it as a ſigne of their honeſt and true friendſhip, which they ſo much made ſhew of, but if they were, they ſhould certainly ſmart for their vniuſt and diſhoneſt dealing, and further make good whatſoeuer they had ſo taken. So he did likewiſe at Mattachiest, and tooke leaue of them, being reſolued to leaue the ſhip, and take his iourney home by land with our owne company, ſending word to the ſhip, that they ſhould take their firſt opportunitie to goe for Plimoth, where hee determined, by the permiſſion of God, to meet them. And hauing procured a Guide, it being no leſſe than fifty miles to our Plantation, ſet forward, receiuing all reſpect that could be from the Indians in his iourney, and came ſafely home, though weary and ſurbated, whither ſome three daies after the ſhip alſo came. The corne being diuided which they had got, Maſter Weſtons company went to their owne Plantation, it being further agreed, that they ſhould returne with all conuenient ſpeed, and bring their Carpenter, that they might fetch the reſt of the corne, and ſaue the ſhallop.

At their returne, Captain Standiſh being recouered and in health, tooke another ſhallop, and went with them to the corne, which they found in ſafety as they left it: alſo they mended the other ſhallop, and got all their corne aboard the ſhip. This was in Ianuary, as I take it, it being very cold and ſtormy, inſomuch as (the harbour being none of the beſt) they were conſtrained to cut both the ſhallops from the ſhips ſterne,