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home the reſt. That at Manomet the Gouernour left in the Sachims cuſtody: this Towne lieth from vs South well neere twenty miles, and ſtands vpon a freſh riuer, which runneth into the Bay of Nanohigganſet, and cannot be leſſe than ſixty miles from thence. It will beare a boat of eight or ten tunne to this place. Hither the Dutch or French, or both vſe to come. It is from hence to the Bay of Cape Cod about eight miles; out of which Bay it floweth into a Creeke ſome ſix miles almoſt direct towards the Towne. The heads of the Riuer, and this Creeke are not far divtant. This Riuer yeeldeth thus high, Oyſters, Muſcles, Clams, and other ſhell-fiſh, one in ſhape like a beane, another like a Clam, both good meat, and great abundance at all times; beſides it aboundeth with diuers ſorts of freſh fiſh in their ſeaſons. The Gouernour or Sachim of this place, was called Canacum, who had formerly, as well as many others, (yea all with whom as yet we had to doe) acknowledged themſelues the ſubiects of our Souereigne Lord the King. This Sachim vſed the Gouernour very kindly, and it ſeemed was of good reſpect and authoritie amongſt the Indians. For whileſt the Gouernour was there within night in bitter weather, came two men from Manamoick before ſpoken of, and hauing ſet aſide their bowes and quiuers, according to their manner, ſate downe by the fire, and took a pipe of Tobacco, not vſing any words in that time, nor any other to them, but all remained ſilent, expecting when they would ſpeake: At length they looked toward Canacum, and one of them made a ſhort ſpeech, and deliuered a preſent to him from his Sachim, which was a basket of Tobacco, and many Beads, which the other receiued thankfully. After which hee made a long ſpeech to him, the contents hereof was related to vs by Hobbamock (who then accompanied the Gouernour for his Guide) to be as followeth; It hapned that two of their men fell out as they were in game (for they