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vſe gaming as much as any where, and will play away all, euen their skin from their backs, yea and for their wiues skins alſo, though it may be they are many miles distant from them, as my ſelfe haue ſeene) and growing to great heat, the one killed the other. The actor of this fact was a Powah, one of ſpecial note amongſt them, and ſuch an one as they could not well miſſe, yet another people greater than themſelues threatned them with warre, if they would not put him to death. The party offending was in hold, neither would their Sachim doe one way or other till their returne, reſting vpon him for aduice and furtherance in ſo weighty a matter. After this there was ſilence a ſhort time; at length men gaue their iudgement what they thought beſt. Amongſt others, he asked Hobbamock what he thought? Who answered, he was but a ſtranger to them, but thought it was better that one ſhould die than many, ſince he had deſerued it, and the reſt were innocent; whereupon he paſſed the ſentence of death vpon him.

Not long after (hauing no great quantitie of corne left) Captain Standiſh went againe with a ſhallop to Mattachieſt, meeting alſo with the like extremitie of weather, both of wind, ſnow, and froſt, inſomuch as they were frozen in the harbour the firſt night they entred the ſame. Here they pretended their wonted loue, and ſpared them a good quantity of corne to confirme the ſame: Strangers alſo came to this place, pretending only to ſee him and his company, whom they neuer ſaw before that time, but intending to ioyne with the reſt to kill them, as after appeared. But being forced through extremitie to lodge in their houſes, which they much preſſed, God poſſeſſed the heart of the Captaine with iuſt iealouſie, giuing ſtrait command, that as one part of his company ſlept, the reſt ſhould wake, declaring ſome things to them which hee vnderſtood, whereof hee could make no