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good conſtruction. Some of the Indians ſpying a fit opportunitie, ſtole some beads alſo from him, which hee no ſooner perceiued, hauing not aboue ſix men with him, drew them all from the Boat, and ſet them on their guard about the Sachims houſe, where the moſt of the people were, threatening to fall vpon them without further delay, if they would not forthwith reſtore them, ſignifying to the Sachim eſpecially, and ſo to them all, that as he would not offer the leaſt iniury; ſo hee would not receiue any at their hands, which ſhould eſcape without puniſhment or due ſatisfaction. Hereupon the Sachim beſtirred him to finde out the party, which when he had done, cauſed him to returne them againe to the ſhallop, and came to the Captaine, deſiring him to ſearch whether they were not about the Boat, who ſuſpecting their knauery, ſent one, who found them lying openly vpon the Boats cuddy; yet to appeaſe his anger, they brought corne afreſh to trade, inſomuch as he laded his ſhallop, and ſo departed. This accident ſo daunted their courage, as they durſt not attempt any thing againſt him. So that through the good mercy and prouidence of God they returned in ſafety. At this place the Indians get abundance of Baſſe both ſummer and winter: for it being now February they abounded with them.

In the beginning of March, hauing refreſhed himſelf, he tooke a ſhallop, and went to Manomet, to fetch home that which the Gouernour had formerly bought, hoping alſo to get more from them, but was deceiued in his expectation, not finding that entertainment hee found elſe-where, and the Gouernour had there receiued. The reaſon whereof, and of the treachery intended in the place before ſpoken of, was not then knowne vnto vs, but afterwards: wherein may be obſerued the abundant mercies of God working with his prouidence for our good. Captaine Standiſh being now far