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Good Newes from New-England

Letter our Governour ſent to Iohn Sanders, ſhewing how dangerous it would be for him aboue all others, being he was their leader and commander; and therefore in friendly manner adviſed him to deſiſt.

With theſe Letters we diſpatched the Meſſenger; Vpon the receipt whereof they altered their determination, reſoluing to ſhift as they could, till the returne of Iohn Sanders from Munhiggen, who firſt coming to Plimoth, notwithſtanding our owne neceſſities, the Gouernour ſpared him ſome Corne to carry them to Munhiggen. But not hauing ſufficient for the Ships ſtore, he tooke a Shallop and leauing others with inſtructions to over ſee things till his returne, ſet forward about the end of February, ſo that he knew not of this conſpiracie of the Indians before his going; neither was it knowne to any of vs till our returne from Sawaams or Puckanakick: At which time alſo another Sachim called Waſſapinewat, brother to Obtakieſt the Sachim of the Maſſachuſets, who had formerly ſmarted for partaking with Conbatant, and fearing the like againe, to purge himſelfe revealed the ſame thing.

The three and twentieth of March being now come, which is a yeerely Court day, the Governour having a double teſtimony, and many circumſtances agreeing with the truth thereof, not being to vndertake warre without the conſent of the bodie of the Company; made known the ſame in publique Court, offering it to the conſideration of the Company, it being high time to come to reſolution, how ſudden ſoever it ſeemed to them, fearing it would bee put in execution before we could giue any intelligence thereof. This buſineſſe was no leſſe troubleſome then grievous, and the more, becauſe it is ſo ordinarie in these times for men to meaſure things by the events thereof: but eſpecially for that we knew no meanes to deliuer our Countrimen and preſerue our ſelues, then by returning their malicious and cruell purpoſes vpon their owne heads, and cauſing them to fall into the same pitte

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