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they had digged for others, though it much grieued vs to ſhed the blood of thoſe whoſe good wee euer intended and aymed at, as a principall in all our proceedings. But in the end we came to this publique concluſion, that becauſe it was a matter of ſuch weight as euery man was not of ſufficiency to iudge, nor fitneſſe to know becauſe of many other Indians which dayly as occaſion ſerueth conuerſe with vs; therefore the Governour, his Aſſiſtant, and the Captaine, ſhould take ſuch to thẽſelues as they thought moſt meete, and conclude thereof; which done we came to this concluſion, That Captaine Standiſh ſhould take ſo many men as he thought ſufficient to make his party good againſt all the Indians in the Maſſachuſet bay; and becauſe (as all men know that haue had to doe in that kinde) it is impoſſible to deale with them vpon open defiance, but to take them in ſuch trappes as they lay for others; therefore hee ſhould pretend trade as at other times: but firſt goe to the Engliſh and acquaint them with the plot, and the end of his owne comming, that comparing it with their carriages towards them hee might the better iudge of the certainty of it, and more fitly take opportunity to revenge the ſame: but ſhould forbeare if it were poſſible till ſuch time as hee could make ſure Wituwamat, that bloody and bold villaine before ſpoken of, whoſe heade hee had order to bring with him, that hee might be a warning and terrour to all of that diſpoſition. Vpon this Captaine Standiſh made choyce of eight men, and would not take more becauſe hee would prevent iealouſie, knowing their guilty conſciences would ſoone be prouoked hereunto: but on the next day before hee could goe, came one of Mr. Weſtons Company by land vnto vs, with his packe at his backe, who made a pitifull narration of their lamentable and weake eſtate, and of the Indians carriages, whose boldneſſe increaſed abundantly, inſomuch as the victuals they got they would take it out of their potts and eat before their faces, yea if in any thing they gaine-ſayd them, they were ready to hold a knife at their breaſts; that to giue