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them content, ſince Iohn Sanders went to Munhiggen, they had hanged one of them that ſtole their corne, and yet they regarded it not; that another of their Company was turned Saluage, that their people had moſt forſaken the towne, and made their randeuous where they got their victuals, becauſe they would not take paines to bring it home; that they had ſold their cloathes for corne, and were ready to ſtarue both with cold and hunger alſo, becauſe they could not indure to get victuals by reaſon of their nakedneſſe; and that they were diſperſed into-three Companies ſcarce hauing any powder and ſhot left. What would be the event of theſe things (he ſaid) he much feared; and therefore not daring to ſtay any longer among them, though hee knew not the way yet aduentured to come to vs, partly to make knowne their weake and dangerous eſtate, as hee conceiued, and partly to deſire hee might there remaine till things were better ſettled at the other plantation. As this relation was grievout to vs, ſo it gaue vs good encouragement to proceede in our intendments, for which Captain Standiſh was now fitted, and the winde comming faire, the next day ſet forth for the Maſſachuſets.

The Indians at the Maſſachuſets miſſed this man, and ſuſpecting his comming to vs as we conceiue, ſent one after him and gaue out there that hee would never come to Patuxet, but that ſome Wolues or Beares would eate him: but we know both by our owne experience and the report of others, that though they finde a man ſleeping, yet ſo ſoone as there is life diſcerned they feare and ſhun him. This Indian miſſed him but very little, and miſſing him paſſed by the towne and went to Manomet, whom wee hoped to take at his return, as afterward we did. Now was our Fort made fit for ſeruice and ſome Ordnance mounted; and though it may ſeeme long worke it being ten moneths ſince it begun, yet wee muſt note, that whereſo great a work is begun with ſuch ſmall meanes, a little time cannot bring to perfection: beſide those workes which