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Mrs. Margery Two-Shoes..

Pidgeon was loſt, and the Concern the Children were under for Mr. Jones and little Sally was in ſome Meaſure diverted, and Part of their Attention turned after Tom, who was a great Favourite, and conſequently much bewailed. Mrs. Margery, who knew the great Uſe and Neceſſity of teaching Children to ſubmit chearfully to the Will of Providence, bid them wipe away their Tears, and then kiſſing Sally you muſt be a good Girl, ſays me, and depend upon God Almighty for his Bleſſing and Protection; for he is a Father to the Fathtrleſs, and defender to all thoſe who put their Truſt in him. She then told them a Story. which I ſhall relate in as few Words as poſſlble.