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The Renowned Hiſtory of

The Hiſtory of Mr. Lovewell, Father to Lady Lucy.

Mr. Lovewell was born at Bath, and apprenticed to a laborious Trade in London which being too hard for him, he parted with his Maſter by Conſent, and hired himſelf as a common Servant to a Merchant in the City. Here he ſpent his leiſure Hours not as Servants too frequently do, in Drinking and Schemes of Pleaſure, but in improving his Mind; and among other Acquirements, he made himſelf a complete Maſter of Accompts. His Sobriety, Honeſty, and the Regard he paid to his Master's Intereſt, greatly recommended him in the whole Family, and he had ſeveral Offices of Truſt committed to his Charge, in which he