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Goody Two-Shoes.

round Little Margery at once; and, having pulled out her Letters, ſhe aſked the little Boy next her, what he had for Dinner? Who anſwered, Bread. (the poor Children in many Places live very hard) Well then, ſays ſhe, ſet the firſt Letter. He put up the Letter B, to which the next added r, and the next e, the next a, the next d, and it ſtood thus, Bread.

And what had you Polly Comb for your Dinner? Apple-pye, anſwered the little Girl: Upon which the next in Turn ſet up a great A, the two next a p each, and ſo on till the two Words Apple and Pye vere united and ſtood thus, Apple-pye

The next had Potatoes, the next Beef and Turnip which were ſpelt with many others, till the Game