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The Renowned Hiſtory of

of Spelling was finiſhed. She then ſet them another Taſk, and we proceeded.

The next Place we came to was Farmer Thompſon's where there were a great many little ones waiting for her.

So little Mrs. Goody Two-Shoes, ſays one of them, where have you been ſo long? I have been teaching, ſays ſhe, longer than I intended, and am afraid I am come too ſoon for you now. No, but indeed you are not, replied the other; for I have got my Leſſon, and ſo has Sally Dawſon, and ſo has Harry Wilſon, and ſo we have all; and they capered about as if they were overjoyed to ſee her. Why then, ſays ſhe, you are all very good, and God Almighty will love you; ſo let us begin our Leſſons. They all huddled round