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after the mice, my mistress laid hold of me, and was going to drown me ; and though I have been lucky enough to get away &om her, I do not know what I am to live upon. Oh T' said the ass, by all means go with us to Bremen; you are a good night singer, and may make your fortune as one of the waits." The cat was pleased with the thought, and joined the party.

Soon afterwards, as they were passing by a farmyard, they saw a oock perched upon a gate, and screaming^ out with all his might and main. Bravo!" said the ass; "upon my word you make a famous noise j-pray what is all this about ?" " Why," said the cock, ** I was just now saying that we should have fine weather for our washing^ay, and yet my mistress and the cook don't thank me for my pains, but threaten .to cut off my head tonnorrow, and make broth of me for the guests that are coming on Sunday !" " Heaven forbid !" said the ass;

    • come with us. Master Chanticleer ; it will be better, at any rate, than

staying here to have your head cut off! . Besides, who knows ? If we take care to sing in tune, we may get up some kind of a concert : so come along with us." " With all my heart," said the cock : so they all four went on jollily together.

They could not, however, reach the town the first day ; so, Tvhen night came on, they went into a wood 'to sleep. The ass and the dog laid themselves down imder a great tree, and the cat climbed into the branches ; while the cock, thinking that the higher he sat the safer he should be, flew up to ihe very top of the tree, and ihen, according to his custom, before he went to sleep, looked out on aU sides of him to see that everything was welL In doing thii^ he saw afar off something bright and shining ; and calling to his companions said, " There must be a house no great way off, for I see a light." " K that be the case," said the ass, we had better change our quarters, for our lodging is not the beat in the woildl" "Besides," added the dog, ^I