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should not be the worse for a bone or two, or a bit of meat." So they walked off together towards the spot where Chanticleer had seen the light ; and as they drew near, it became larger and brighter, till they at last came close to a house in which a gang of robbers lived.

The ass, being the tallest of the company, marched up to the window and peeped in. "Well, Donkey," said Chanticleer, "What do you see?"

  • What do I see r replied the ass, " why I see a table spread with all

kW, of good ^ ^ ro^ rilg „u«d it J^ ^r That would he a noble lodging for us," said the cock. " Yes," said the ass, "if we could only get in:" so they consulted together how they should contrive to get the robbers out; and at last i^ey hit upon a plan. The ass placed himself upright on his hind-legs, with his. fore feet resting against the window; the dog got upon his back; the cat scrambled up to the dog's shoulders, and the the cock flew up and sat upon the cat's head. When ajl was ready, a signal was given, and they began their musia The ass brayed, the dog barked, the cat mewed, and the cock screamed ; and then they all broke through the window at once and came tumbling into the room, amongst the broken glass, with a most hideous clatter ! The robbers, who had been not a little firightened by the opening concert, had now no doubt that some frightful hobgoblin had broken in upon them, and scampered away as fast as ihey could.

The coast once clear, our travellers soon sat down, and dispatched what the robbers had left, with as much eagerness as if they had not expected to eat again for a month. As soon as they had satisfied themselves, they put out the lights, and each once more sought out a resting-place to his own liking. The donkey laid himself down upon a heap of straw in the yard ; the dog stretched himself upon a mat behind the door; the cat rolled herself up on the hearth before the warm