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Animal Heroes Seton Century Co.
A Wilderness Dog
Biography of a Grizzly Seton Scribners
Biography of a Silver Fox Sewn Scribners
Claws and Hoofs James Johonnot American Book Co.
Dan Beard's Animal Book and Campfire Stories D. C. Beard Scribners
Familiar Animals and Their Wild Kindred John Monteith American Book Co.
Four-footed Americans and their Kin M. C. Wright
Good Hunting Theodore Roosevelt Harper Bros.
Habits of animals E. Ingersoll
Half-hours with the Lower Animals C. G. Holder American Book Co.
Haunter of Pine Gloom. C. G. D. Roberts
Haunters of the Silences. C. G. D. Roberts Grosset & Dunlap.
Homes, Haunts and Habits of Wild Animals I. T. Johnson
House in the Water C. G. D. Roberts
Jock of the Bushvoid Sir. P. Fitzpatrick Longmans, Green at Co.
Jungle Book Kipling
Second Jungle Book Kipling
Kindred of the Wild C. G. D. Roberts..
King of the Mamozekel C. G. D. Roberts.
Krag and Johny Bear Seton. Scribners
Life Histories of North America Seton Scribners
Little Beasts of Field and Wood Cram
Little Brother to the Bear W. J. Long Ginn & Co.
Lives of the Fur Folk M.D. Havfiand Longmans Green & Co.
Living Animals of the World, Vol. I, II, III The University Society.
Lobo, Rag and Vixen Seton Scribners
Lives of the Hunted Seton Scribners
Mooswa W. A. Fraser
My Dogs in the Northland E. R. Young Revell Co.
Monarch, the Big Bear of Tallac Seton Scribners
Red Fox C. G. D. Roberts
Shaggycoat C. Hawkes
Shovelhorns, Biography of a Moose C. Hawkes
Some Curious Flyers, Creepers and Swimmers J. Johonnot American Book Co.
Some Useful Animals and What They Do for Us J. C. Montelth American Book Co.