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Squirrel and Other Fur Bearers John Burroughs
Stories of Animal Life C. F. Holder American Book Co.
Stories of Humble Friends Kathrine Pyle American Book Co.
Story of the Trapper A.C. Laut
The Romance of Animal Arts and Crafts H. Coupin and John Lea Lippcott
The Romance of the Animal World Edmund Selous Seely & Co.
The Wolf Patrol John Finnermore
Trapper Jim Edwin Sandys
Ways of Wood Folk W. J Long
Wild Animals at Play Seton Doubleday Page & Co.
Wild Animals I Have Known Seton Scribners
Wilderness Ways W. J. Long
Wild Life in the Rockies Enos A. Mills Houghton Mifflin Co.
Wild Life of Orchard and Field Ingersoll
Wolf, the Storm Leader Frank Caldwell Dodd, Mead & Co.
A Field Book of the Stars W. F. Olcutt Putnam
Astronomy. Julia McNair Wright Peen Pub. Co.
Astronomy by Observation Eliza A. Bowen American Book Co.
Astronomy for Everybody Simon Newcomb Doubleday, Page & Co.
Astronomy with an Opera Glass G. P. Setriss
A Study of the Sky H. A. Howe Scribners
Astronomy with the Naked Eye G. P. Setriss Harper Bros.
Children's Book of the Stars Milton Macmillan Co.
Earth and Sky Every Child Should Know J. E. Rogers
How to Identify the Stars W. J. Milham
How to Locate the Stars Hinds, Noble & Co.
Popular Astronomy G. Flaremarion
Round the Year with the Stars G. P. Serviss
Starland Ball Ginn & Co.
Steele's Popular Astronomy J. D. Steele American Book Co.
The Friendly Stars M. E. Martin
The Romance of Modern Astronomy McPherson Lippincott