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Assumpsit, History of. y, B. Ames i, 53

Assumpsit for Use and Occupation, y. B, Ames 377

Constitutions, Comparative Merits of Written and Prescrip- tive. Thomas Af. Cooley 341

Corporations, History of the Law of Business, before 1800.

Samuel IVillision 105, 149

Employers* Liabiuty, Statutory Changes in. M. C. Hobbs .... 212

Equity Jurisdiction, Brief Survey of. C C LangdeU 241

Great Ponds. T, M. Sutsm 316

Indians and the Law. Austin Abbott 167

Liquor Statutes in the United States. W, C. Osbom 125

Lumley v. Gye, pRiNaPLE of, and its Application. fVil/iam

Schofield 19

Quarantine Laws, Right of States to Enact. B, H. Lee ... 267, 293

Southern Question, Legal Aspect of. E, I. Smith 358

Sovereignty, Limits of. A, Lawrence Lowell 70

Trust Property, Right to follow. Samuel IVilliston 28

Watuppa Pond Cases. S, D, fVarren^yr., and L. D, Brandeis . . 195


Cases referred to in the Notes are indexed under ** Cases,^'

Bills and Notes. Fictitious names (Lecture note) 47

CoNNEcricuT. First written constitution (Note) 384

Constitutional Law. No constitutional limitation upon power of

Federal Government to impair obligation of contracts (Note) .... 180

Evidence. Circumstantial evidence in poisoning cases (Note) 285

Declaration of testator to prove contents of lost will (Lecture

note) 94

Use of documents to refresh memory of witness (Note) 41

Harvard Law Association. Formation in 1868 (Note) 88

Harvard Law Review (Editorial) 40

Harvard Law School. Qaw secretaries' reports (Note) 139

Dean's report for 1887-88 (Note) 333

Honor degrees (Note) 334

President's report for 1887-88 (Note) 332

Registered students, 1888-89 (Note) 180

System of instruction (Notes) 141, 283

Harvard Law School Association (Editorial) 139

Number of Members (Note) 42

Prize essay (Note) 332

Larceny. Ashwell*s case (Lecture note) •. . . 46

Lawyers as Speech-Makers (^ote) • ...... 286

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