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Lease. Tenant's relief in equity for breach of condition (Lecture

note) 94

Pardons. Conditional grant (Note) i8i

Conditional pardons and parole system in Ohio (Correspond- ence) 231

Prescription. Not prevented by threats (Moot Court) 43

Selden Society (Correspondence) 381

Slander. Conditional privilege (Lecture note) 233

Statute of Frauds. Authorship (Correspondence) 42

Supreme Court of United States. Origin (Note) 382

Tenancy in Common in Sales from Grain Elevator (Club

Court) 142


Abbott's Code Practice 193

Bailey's Conflict of Judicial Decisions • . . 191

Bates on Partnership 103

Bennett on Lis Pendens 102

Black on Tax-Titles 148

Bonham on Industrial Liberty 340

Cochran's Students' Law Lexicon 340

Easterly on Tithes 340

Elliott's V^ork of the Advocate 392

Ewell's Essentials of the Law 148

Eraser on Torts 340

Gray's Cases on Property • 194

Hare's American Constitutional Law 391

Heard*s Short on Informations 194

Maitland's Select Pleas of the Crown 292

Miller on Conditional Sales 339

Newmark on Sales 147

Smith's Mercantile Law 392

Tucker on Business Corporations 104

Wait on Insolvent Corporations 193

Waterman on Corporations 192


Account. When an account rendered becomes an account stated . . . 100

Account-Book. Sec Evidence,

Administrators. See Execuiors and Administrators,

Agency. Knowledge of agent imputed to principal 48

Right of real-estate brokers to commission 145

Liability of telegraph company for fraudulent acts of agent ... 190

Attorney has no authority to compromise 234

Agent. See Agency,

Architect. See Master and Servant,

Assault. See Criminal Law.

Assumpsit. See Contract; Quasi-contract,

Attorney. Disbarment 48

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