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APPENDICES V and reverently expressed as in any human language in which men have spoken of their God. . . . Among nations possessing indigenous philosophy and metaphysics, together with an innate relish for these pursuits, such as at present characterises Ger-many, at.I, in olden times, was the proud distinction of Greece, Hindustan holds the first rank in point of time."

Sir William Metleterbium. Sart.

"The Indian v.ilage has thus for centuries re-mained a bul-Warlc against political disorder, and the home of the simple domesti' and social virtues. No wonder, therefore, that philosophers and historians have always dwelt lovingly on this ancient institu-tion Which is the natural social unit and the best type of rural life; self-contained, industrious. peace-loving, conservative in the best sense of the word. • • . • I think you will agree with me that there is much that is both picturesque and attractive in this glimpse of social and domestic life in an Indian ‘il-lage. It is a harmless and happy form of human ex-istence Morever, it is not without good practical outcome "

J Young.

SeFretary, Sat .on 31, ,Ito Inst it ute s.

(11rithinrerent years.)

" Those races, [the Indian s iewed from a moral aspect, are perhaps the most remarkable people in the world. They breath an atmosthere of moral purity.