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vi APPENDICES which cannot but excite admiration, and this is especally the case with the poorer classes, who, not-withstanding the privations of their humble lot. ap-pear to be happy and contented. True children of nature. they live on from day to day, taking no thought of tomorrow.and thankful for the sr:mple fare which Providence has provided for them. It is curi-ous to witness the spectacle of coolies of both sexes returning home at night-fall after a hard day's work often lasting from sunri e to sunset. In spite of fa-tigue from the effects of the unremitting toil, they are for the most part gay and animated, conversing cheerfully together and occasionally breaking into snatches of light-hearted song. Yet what awaits them on their return to the hovels which they call home? A dish of rice for food, and the floor for a bed. Domestic felicity appears to be the rule among the Natives, and this is the more strange when the cus-toms of marriage are taken into accounts parents arranging all such matters. Many Indian households afford examples of the married state in its highest degree of perfection. This may be due to the teachings of the Shastras, and to the stf)ct injunc-tions which they inculcate regard \,71 marital obligations; but it is no exaggeration to say that husbands are generally devotedly attached to their wives, and in many instances the latter have the Inost exalted conception of their duties towards their husbands."