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The Third Age.

A.M. 2745 [4111].

Tola, son of Puah, an uncle of Abimelech, a man of Issachar,[A.M. 2772. B.C. 1232] who dwelt in Shamir in Mount Ephraim, judged Israel 23 years. At this period was the war of the Lapithæ and the Centaurs, who, according to Palephatus, in his first book on the Marvellous, were famous Thessalian horsemen. Priam, King of Troy. Priam succeeded Laomedon as king of Troy.

A.M. 2767 [4133].

Jair, of the tribe of Manasseh, judged Israel 22 years. Hercules instituted the Olympic Games. Olympian games, from which time unto the first Olympiad, 430 years are computed.

A.M. 2773 [4139].

Jephthah, the Gileadite, judged Israel 6 years. The Philistines and Ammonites oppress Israel. The Ammonites are conquered by Jephthah, who, in the book of Judges, says that 300 years are computed from the time of Moses to himself.

A.M. 2780 [4146].

Ibzan, of Bethlehem, judged Israel 7 years. Agamemnon reigned in Mycenæ 35 years,Troy destoyed. [A.M. 2820 B.C. 1184] and in the 15th year of his reign Troy is taken.

A.M. 2790.

Elon, of Zebulon, judged Israel 10 years. He, with his 10 sons, is not mentioned by the Seventy; for supplying which loss, Eusebius assigned more years to Joshua, the son of Nun, to Samuel, and to Saul, whose years the Scripture does not mention, than he found allotted to them in Josephus; by which means he obtained the sum of 380 years, which the Scripture gives as the interval between the departure from Egypt, and the building of the Temple.