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The Third Age.

A.M. 2798 [4154].

Abdon, of the tribe of Ephraim, judged Israel 8 years. In his third year Troy was taken, 375 years from the first year of Cecrops, who first reigned in Attica, and 835 years from the 43rd of the reign of Ninus, king of the Assyrians. After the death of Abdon, Israel served the Philistines 40 years.

A.M. 2818 [4174].

Samson, of the tribe of Dan, judged Israel 20 years. Thus far the book of Judges marks the times, comprising AEneas. a period of 299 years, and 12 Judges. Three years after the taking of Troy, or according to some, 8 years The kingdom of the Latins Æneas reigned 3 years over the Latins, who afterwards were called Romans. After him Ascanius reigned 38 years. Before Æneas, Janus, Saturn, Picus, Faunus, and Latinus, reigned in Italy about 150 years. Ascanius, son of Æneas, founded the city of Alba.

A.M. 2858 [4194].

[A.M. 2848. B.C. 1156] Eli Eli, the priest, judged Israel 40 years, according to the Hebrew text: the Septuagint translation says 20. The sons of Hector recovered Troy, having with the aid of Helenus expelled the posterity of Antenor. Sylvius, son of Æneas, the third king of the Latins, reigned 29 years: from his having been born after his father's death, and having been educated in the country, he was surnamed Sylvius and Posthumus; the former of which was given to all the kings of Alba. Sicyon ceased to be governed by kings, after a succession for 962 years, from Ægialeus to Zeuxippus. It was afterwards governed by the priests of Carnus.

A.M. 2870 [4206].

Samuel. Samuel judged Israel 12 years according to Josephus, for the Holy Scripture does not state how long. From