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The Third Age.

this period the times of the Prophets begin, Æneas Sylvius, the fourth king of the Latins, reigned 31 years.

A.M. 2890 [4226].

Saul, the first king of the Hebrews, reigned 20 years, [A.M. 2909. B.C. 1095.]
We have given the length of his reign from the Antiquities of Josephus, the canonical Scripture being silent on this head. Eurystheus, the first king of Lacedæmon, Lacedæmon.; reigned 42 years. Alethis, the first king of Corinth Corinth, reigned 35 years.


The Fourth Age The fourth age of the world begins not only with the commencement of the Jewish kingdom, but also with a renewal of the promise of the kingdom of Christ which was made to the fathers; the Lord swearing to David, by his truth, that the fruit of his bowels should sit upon his throne.

A.M. 2930 [4266].

David, the first king of the tribe of Judali, reigned David. 40 years. Latinus Sylvius, the fifth king of the Latins, reigned 50 years. Ephesus was founded by Andronicus; Ephesus. Carthage by Chalcedon of Tyre according to some;Carthage. according to others, by Dido, his daughter, in the 143rd year after the fall of Troy.

A.M. 2970 [4306].

Solomon, son of David, reigned 40 years.Solomon In the fourth year of his reign, in the second month, he began to build the temple of the Lord in Jerusalem, Building of the temple 480 years from the departure of Israel from Egypt, as we learn from the book of Kings; and that this might be a type of the whole of time, inasmuch as the Church of Christ is built in this world and perfected in the next, [A.M. 3000. B.C. 1004.] he finished the work in seven years, and dedicated it in the seventh month of the eighth year. Alba Sylvius, son of Silvius