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The Sixth Age

ing the interests of Christianity. Justinian deprived of his dignity.Justinian, stripped for his perfidy of the royal dignity, returns as an exile unto Pontus.

A.M. 4652 [701].

Leo reigned 3 years. The Lord disclosed to Pope Sergius a silver casket, which had long lain out of sight in an obscure corner of the chapel of the blessed Apostle Peter, and in which was found a cross adorned with costly and precious stones. Having taken off the four lids in which the jewels had been set, he found deposited within the recess, a portion of the healing wood of the Cross of our Lord, of extraordinary size;The Holy Rood discovered. which from that time is lifted up every year and adored by all the people in the Church of our Saviour, called Constantiniana. The most pious Cuthbert,[1] who from an anchorite, became prelate of the church of Lindisfarne, in Britain,Cuthbert's life and miracles. was from infancy to old age eminent for his miracles; after his body had remained buried for eleven years, it was found, together with the garment in which it was wrapped, as fresh as at the hour of his death; as we ourselves recorded some years ago in the Book of his Life and Miracles, in prose, and more recently in hexameter verse.

A.M. 4659 [708].

Tiberius reigned 7 years. The Synod held at Aquileia,The Council in Aquileia from want of experience refuses to recognise the fifth general council; but being instructed by the salutary admonitions of the blessed Pope Sergius, it also assents to the acts of that council with all the other churches of Christ. Gisulph cheif of the Lombards. Gisulph, leader of the Lombards of Beneventum, wasted the Campania with fire and sword, and bards. made many captives; and when there was no one to resist his violence, the apostolic Pope John sent to him
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