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The Sixth Age

a host of priests With many gifts, ransomed all the captives, and thus caused the enemy to return home. He was succeeded by another John, who,Pope John builds the chapel of our Lady in St Peter's among his many celebrated deeds constructed a chapel of exquisite workmanship to the holy Mother of God, within the church Pope John of Saint Peter, the Apostle. Herbet,King of the LombardsHerebert, king of the Lombards, restored to the jurisdiction of the Apostolic See, many courts and patrimonies in the Cottian Alps, which had once belonged to it, but which had been taken away at various times by the Lombards; and sent the grant hereof to Rome, written in letters of gold.

A.M. 4665 [714].

Justinan-restoredJustinian reigned again six years with his son Tiberius. By the help of Terbellus, king of the Bulgarians, he recovered the throne, and slew those patricians who had expelled him from it, as well as Leo who had usurped his place, and Tiberius who had succeeded him, and who, at the time he was deprived of the throne, had for a season kept him in confinement. He put out the eyes of the patriarch Callinicus and sent him to Rome, and gave his see to Cyrus, an abbot of Pontus, who had supported him in his exile. Pope Constantine came to him at his request, and was both entertained and dismissed with honour; so much so that during his stay he was commanded to celebrate the mass on the Lord's Day, the Emperor receiving the communion at his hands. Then prostrate on the earth imploring him to make intercession for his sins,Renews the privliges of the Church he renewed all the privileges of the Church. Coutrary to the Pope's prohibition, he sent an army into Pontus to seize Philippicus whom he had sent there; but the whole army went over to Philippicus, made him emperor there, and returning with him to Constantinople, fought a battle with Justinian at the twelfth milestone from the city,Death of Justinian and having defeated and slain him, Philippicus succeeded him on the throne.