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1869, subsequently provost and V.G.; St. Wilfrid's, York, 1881 till death, Jan. 5, 1887.

BUCKLEY, James, born Feb. 24, 1770, son of John and Ann Buckley, of London, baptized by Rev. Gerard Robinson; admitted Feb. 22, 1785; ord. priest Dec. 24, 1794, and retained in the College as a superior till 1801; presented to the presidency by Bishops Douglass and Poynter, Mar. 29, and formally installed, Dec. 15, 1806; resigned and returned to the English mission, 1819.

BULLESBACH, Rudolph, admitted Nov. 29, 1880, ord. priest Feb. 15, and left May 2, 1891; now at Tooting-Graveney, London.

BUNCE, George, admitted Nov. 11, 1868, ord. priest, Dec., 1877, and left May 8, 1878; now at Bilston, co. Stafford.

BUTLER, James A., admitted Sept. 17, 1872, ord. priest Dec. 22, 1877, left Mar. 8, 1878; now at Aiskew, Bedale, co. York.

BYFLEET, John, vide Gildon.

BYRNE, Joseph, admitted Oct. 14, 1890, ord. priest Mar. 18, and left Apr. 12, 1899; now at West Hartlepool.

BYRNE, Thomas, admitted July 13, 1881; alumnus, Feb. 28, 1889; ord. priest Apr. 2, and left March 4, 1892; now at Derby.

BYRON, Thomas, probably a member of the recusant family of his name settled at Sutton, Lancashire, an offshoot from the Byrons of Byron Hall, in the same county, who still retained the faith in the reign of James I.; alumnus Sept. 15, 1680; ord. priest; appointed procurator Nov. 4, 1684; left for England, Apr. 29, 1686.

CAFFREY, Edward, born Apr. 25, 1844, in parish of Vilkenstown, Navan, co. Meath; went diocesan semin. of Navan; admitted Sept. 30, 1865; ord. priest Dec. 18, 1869; left May 29, 1870; at Douglas, Widnes, and Liverpool till went to Barrow, 1879, where died Oct. 10, 1899, aged 55.

CAHALAN, Wilfrid, admitted Apr. 9, 1890; ord. priest; and left Apr. 12, 1899; now at Rochdale.

CALLAGHAN, Michael, admitted March 15, 1837; alumnus Dec. 13, 1844; left in deacon s orders, Mar. 17, 1846.

CALVERT, Philip, born at Danby Wiske, Yorkshire, son of Sir George Calvert, first Baron of Baltimore, co. Longford,