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in Ireland, by Anne, dau. of George Wynne, of Hertingfordbury, co. Herts, Esq.; admitted June 9, 1642; publicly defended theses in philosophy, June 20, 1646; left Apr. 7, 1647.

CAREW, Henry, son of Thomas Carew, Esq., of Devonshire, by Anne Clifford his wife, admitted as a convictor, Apr. 29, 1659; left Jan. 14, 1660.

CAREY, Charles, vide Savage.

CAREY, Richard, vide Savage.

CARR, Edwin, admitted Sept. 12, 1875; left Eeb. 8, 1878; proceeded to Ushaw and the seminary Leeds, and ord. priest Aug. 25, 1889; now at Batley Carr, Dewsbury.

CARTER, John, probably son of Robert Carter, of Thistleton, co. Lancaster, yeoman, a Catholic non-juror in 1717, who died in 1721; admitted Aug. 17, 1727, on the Radcliffe Fund; ord. priest and sent to England, July 17, 1736; stationed at St. Laurence's, Newhouse, near Preston, in or before 1741, till death, Oct. 18, 1789. He was assisted at Newhouse by his nephew, Rev. James Carter, alias Mawdesley, from about 1762.

CARTMELL, Henry, admitted June 13, 1871; left July 28, 1876; proceeded to Ushaw College, where ord. priest, Aug. 10, 1883; now at Whittingham, Northumberland.

CASSIN, Thomas, admitted June 16, 1866; alumnus May 17, 1875; died Aug. 16, 1875.

CASWELL, Joseph, born Apr. 16, 1802, son of Joseph and Eleanor Caswell of Sedgley, Staffordshire; went to Sedgley Park School; admitted July n, 1816, but left same year.

CATON, Thomas, born Sept. 26, and baptized by Rev. Nic. Skelton, Oct. 3, 1756, son of John Caton and his wife Anne Gregson, of Lancaster; admitted on Rev. Jno. Shepperd's Fund, Oct. 30, 1768; ord. priest March u, 1780; left for the mission 1782; stationed at Alston Lane, Lancashire, till 1785, where removed to Towneley Hall; Culcheth Hall, June n, 1791, till June 29, 1792, so to Formby; returned to Towneley Hall (Burnley mission) in or before 1798; Cottam, July 24, 1812 till death, Aug. 14, 1826, aged almost 70.

CATON, William, born in London, June 5, 1782, son of Robert Caton, of the old Lancashire family of that name, by Mary Thornborough his wife, was baptized by the