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in 1614. Thence he was sent to the English College at Seville, returned to Belgium for a year's philosophy under the Jesuits till, Sept. 29, 1621, he was admitted into the English College at Rome, where he was ordained priest June 24, and sent to England, Sept. 16, 1625. He was discharged from prison under bond for his appearance in 1634, but again was apprehended and confined in Newgate about 1637. If the identification is correct, he prudently adopted the alias of Clarence upon assuming the position of president at Lisbon in 1638, and after his return to England in 1642, used the alias of Peterson, perhaps after his older namesake, Peter Peterson, who matriculated at Douay in 1605, and was possibly a relative. He became canon and treasurer of the Chapter, and in that capacity took part in the controversy with Dr. George Leyburne. On Jan. 4, 1660-1, he was appointed vicar in solidum, and was secretary, pro tem. in 1667. He died in Holborn, London, July 5, 1673, aged 78. He established a fund at the College called the " Curtis Fund."

CLARKE, Augustine, born Coventry, 1871; went to St. Wilfrid's College, Cheadle; admitted Sept. 23, 1891; ord. priest Mar. 13, and left May 25, 1897; at Birkenhead 1897-8; Altrincham 1898-9; died at Gunnersbury House, Isleworth, Oct. 7, 1899, aged 28.

CLARKE, Francis, admitted Sept. 6, 1883; left Sept. 21, 1884; ord. priest at St. Bernard's Seminary, Olton, Feb. 25, 1888; now at Miles Platting, Manchester.

CLARKE, Peter, admitted Sept. 15, 1863; alumnus Dec. 10, 1869; ord. priest; left Jan. 23, 1873; at Ince, Wigan, 1873-7.

CLAYTON, Francis, vide Humphrey Whitaker.

CLEGG, George Benjamin, admitted Jan. 23, 1848; alumnus Nov. 30, 1853; ord. priest; superior; left Apr. 9, 1858; now at Neston, Cheshire, and provost of Shrewsbury.

CLEMENTS, Alfred William, admitted Aug. i, 1872; ord. priest Dec. 23, 1882; left Apr. 3, 1883; now at Barking.

CLIFFE, John, born at Preston, Lane., Sept., n, 1799, son of Lawrence and Elizabeth Cliffe, bapt. by Rev. Robert Blacoe; admitted Oct. 20, 1817; alumnus Jan. 7, 1821; died in the College Aug. 20, 1822.