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CLIFFORD, William, son of Henry Clifford, of Brackenbury, co. Lincoln, Esq., by his wife Eliz., dau. of Richard Thimelby, of Irnharn Hall, co. Lincoln, Esq., was heir to the barony of Clifford; ordained priest at Douay College, after which spent ten years on the mission in England; came to Lisbon as vice-president in May, 1630, under the alias of Mansell; left Oct. 23, 1634. The preservation of the College is said to have been largely owing to his prudence, patience and piety. Next engaged in the government of Tournay College, at Paris, and after some years retired to the Hospital des Incurables, where he died, Apr. 30, 1670. Author of Christian Rules, Paris, 1652, and other works vide Bibl. Dict. Engl. Caths. Vol. I.

CODY, George Elphege; admitted Sept. 15, 1863; left May 13, 1865; joined the English Benedictine Congregation, and ord. priest Dec. 20, 1873; died 1891.

COFFIN, Edward, vide Biddlecorne.

COLEGATE, John Paul, born May 14, 1783, son of William Colegate and his wife Eliz. Perkins, of Feversham, Kent, protestants; bapt. conditionally by Rev. Wm. Poynter (subsequently bishop), and confirmed by Bp. Douglass; went Old Hall, 1801; admitted Feb. 19, 1802; ord. priest, and retained as a superior till death, 1813.

COLLINGRIDGE, Ignatius, born at Dover, Kent, July 2, 1807, son of William and Eliz. Collingriclge, and nephew of Bishop Peter Bernardine Collingridge, V.A.-W.D.; went Sedgley Park, 1817-19; admitted June 29, 1818; alumnus Dec. 3, 1826; left April, 1828; went Oscott College, 1828, and ord. priest Dec. 6, 1831; stationed for nearly 40 years at Winchester, whence retired to Clifton Wood Convent, where he acted as chaplain, and died June n, 1889, aged 81. Published various sermons.

COLLINGWOOD, William, son of Edwin Thos. Collingwood, of Corby, co. Lincoln, Esq.; admitted May 4, 1885; left for the Eng. Coll., Rome, Oct. 7, 1891, where took degree of D.D.; ord. priest at St. John Lateran, Dec. 21, 1895; at Nottingham, 1896-8; Glossop, 1898 to date.

COLSTON, William, son of Edward and Penelope Colston, of London; alumnus Oct. 30, and ordained priest Nov. 13, 1678; left for mission Sept. 22, 1680, and for several