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  1. An Deus summum bonum fuisset etiamsi creaturas non produxisset?
  2. An voluntas antecedens formaliler inveniatur in Deo?
  3. An implicet in Beatis species impressa vel expressa Dei ut in se est?
  4. An evidentia in attestante admitti possit stante fide?

Dr. Barnesley s reputation stood very high, and in the public disputations over which he presided, many of which were on the most abstruse and difficult subjects of Philosophy and Theology, he was always most successful. But if his talents excited admiration in strangers, his mildness and condescension, won the love and esteem of all the members of the Community.

He held the Presidency till the year 1672, when he returned to England, where he won from his brethren the same high opinion which he had ever enjoyed at the College. He was made Dean of the Chapter, and died 1714, at the advanced age of eighty- three.