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George Inn—It was over this balcony that the maid asked Sam Weller for No. 10's boots, and received the historic answer, "Vill he have 'em now or vait till he gits 'em?" 4
Coffee-Room, George Inn—Where Mr. Pickwick first met Sam Weller when Mr. Wardle went in search of Jingle and Miss Wardle 8
Lant Street, Borough—In the house with the round-top door Dickens lived when a boy 18
The Ship and Shovel—Opposite Guy's Hospital, one of Bob Sawyer's haunts 26
No. 48 Doughty Street—Where Dickens boarded in 1837 and which he afterwards leased. Here he took his wife, and here her sister Mary died 32
No. 48 Doughty Street—In this box of a rear extension 10 x 8 x 8 feet Dickens wrote the last chapters of the "Pickwick Papers" 36
The George and Vulture Inn—From which Mr. Pickwick and his party set out on their journey by stage to visit Mr. Winkle's father  40