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Ballroom of the Bull, Rochester—Where Jingle danced with Dr. Slammer's lady-love 46
Staircase of the Bull, Rochester—Up which Mr. Winkle staggered the night of the ball, and where Dr. Slammer challenged Jingle 48
Gad's Hill—Where Dickens lived and died 50
London Bridge—Over which Nancy crossed, followed by Noah Claypole 60
St. Martin's-in-the-Fields—It was on these steps that David Copperfield found Peggotty in his search for Emily 66
St. John's Church, Westminster—Down this street then Church Street (now Dean Stanley Street) ran Martha followed by Peggotty and Copperfield 70
Covent Garden Market—Where Tom Pinch and his sister Ruth bought their vegetables 74
The Fountain in Fountain Court, The Temple—Where Ruth Pinch met her lover 82
John Forster's House—In Lincoln's Inn Fields, where Tulkinghorn lived ("Bleak House"). It was behind these window-panes that Dickens in 1844 read "The Chimes" to Forster, Maclise, Carlyle, Jerrold, Fox, and others of his friends 90