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The author begs to express his indebtedness to the several authorities who have made a close and intimate study of the life and work of the man whom we all love. Notably to his friend the late Laurence Hutton, for his "Literary Landmarks of London," to Hare's "Walks in London," Taylor's "Historical Guide to London," Lucas's "A Wanderer in London," Francis Miltoun's "Dickens's London," J. Snowden Ward's and Katherine B. Ward's "The Real Dickens Land," and John Forster's "The Life of Charles Dickens."

He would also extend his grateful thanks to his friend Mr. Charles Sessler of Philadelphia for permission to include among his illustrations facsimiles of the rare letters, photographs, and souvenirs now in his possession, and here for the first time given to the public.

F. H. S.