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��6 9

��mu n 'hu ihl'yEm tEha'm mukutslu." "k-eai'sa." temu n 'hu k'e'a ayal'xa.

'Liya 8 qa'tsE pal"yux u , te'mltaLx-axa wllx. qau'watiLx-axa spaa'yaux. "hu n '- 5 k-i tEha'm ha'tloo." - - "ham mu'kutslu a as anhu'u?" "a'a." "hEn,

'Liya 8 , sin anal's. ham pa'halyustlEm, 'Liya 8 ham mu'kutslu." txwai'nx

mu n 'hu. tai 8 mu n 'hu. mis ta'xusanx, IO k'Ets hi'k-axa hya 8 qai'txa. temu n 'hu Iqaya'yu ts-mu'kutsluk-. hi'k-axa tsliya'- qtEx, qe'ntEx mu n 'hu. Tai 8 mu n 'hu.


��Hamsti 8 hl'k'e intsk'I's Lhllkwal'sEx

15 Mo'luptsini'sla. namk- mis qaml'n

qai n hal' LEya'tsit, temu n 'hu tl'fltl'wantxal'

is le'wi'. namk' mis-axa wi'lal kus

tsudal's, tern ti'utl'wantxai' is k-ea n/ -

k-elau, is tsudal's ts-k-ea"'k-elauk-.

20 temu n 'hu k'ilwi' is tsudal's ts-k'ea"'-

k-etauki'k's. 2

Tern-auk- mu n 'hu tlxal'nx ts-hai n 'k', k'-Loqudi'im is mukwa stELi. temau'x mEla'nx xe'Lk'it-s-tsa'sidoo. tern-auk 1

25 Itla'xsalx tshai n 'k'. "k'in mukwa'tstELiya'a xam 8 ." hi'k'aux Lhaya'nix ts-xa'lxask' hamstl*. temau'x 'Liya 8 tqaia'ldEx,

sau'xus 3 xam 8 na ya'tsi. k'aux hl'k'e k'a'axk'e ya'tsi. temau'x-auk' hi'k'e

30 qa a 'ltE I'mstE Itla'xsalx ts-hai n 'k - . "k--Liya 8 na ya'tsi ku'sin qtlm. k'-xan hi'k-e k'a'axk-e ya'tsi." la'ltasaux

Lhaya'nix hi'k'e tsa a 'mE haihaya s t ts- k-ell'sk-, la'ltasaux-auk- I'mstE ts-hai n 'k',

35 "xan-'Llya 8 namk- ya'tsi. xan-qal'k'-

al'm, la'lta mi'sxan 'Liya 8 tqaia'ldEx. k'-Llya E sa'lsxaim is mukwa s stELl, sis tepll'i; kus tsa 8 haihaya 8 t ts-k-ell'sk-."

"Told by William Smith in 1910. Compare Frach- tenberg (CU 4 : 88 et seq.).

1 This part of the story hardly belongs here. It may

��bring back here my elder brothers, then I will return to thee thy bow." "All right." Then, indeed, he went. He was not absent long, when they (all) came back. He brought them all back. "Here are thy elder brothers." "Is this here thy bow?" "Yes." "Hm! no, my friend 1 (It is) thy anus, not thy bow." So he began to pull it. Only (this much was necessary). As he kept on pulling it, (Skunk) just whined all the time. Finally his bow broke. (Then Skunk) just straightened out again, and died.

Only now (the story ends).


Coyote did all sorts of things. When long ago he was ready (for) people, he created the world. Again, after the salmon (began to) arrive regularly, he made a fish-basket, a fish-basket for salmon. Thereupon the salmon went into their fish-basket.

��Then (one day) he thought in his inner mind that he would take (unto him) a wife. Now, he knew (of) two women. So he thought in his inner mind, "I am going to marry one (of them)." Modo videbat vulvas utrarumque. But they two did not desire that one of them should live somewhere (else). They two were just going to stay together. Thus they two were always thinking in their inner minds: "My younger sister is not going to live somewhere (else). We two are just going to stay together." Quia illae duae videbant penem eius modo longum esse, propterea eae duae sic cogitabant. "We two shall never stay with him. We two are going to run away, because we two do not like him. Mulier cum qua hie copulabit non superstes erit; valde longus penis eius est."

be looked upon as a description of the part which Coyote had in the Creation.

  • Consists of sis conditional particle; -aux 3d per.


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