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III. There will be a meeting of the Academic Board in the office of the Superintendent, this afternoon, at 4 p. m.

IV. The usual badge of mourning will be worn by Professors, Officers, and Cadets, for the period of thirty days.

By command of Col. J. T. L. Preston,
Act'g Supt.

F. H. Smith, Jr.,
Adjutant, V. M. I.

The Acting Superintendent having announced the death of Commodore M. F. Maury, it was ordered that the following minute be spread upon the records of the Academic Board:

With reverence we record to-day the death of our illustrious associate. The latest to enter our Faculty, he was the oldest man of our number. All accorded to him the respect due to his years, but with a far profounder sentiment, all rendered to him the homage that is the meed of fame.

We claim the solemn pre-eminence over every other institution known to history, when upon the