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register of our dead, we add to the name of Stonewall Jackson, the name of Commodore Maury.

But at this moment, sorrow banishes even legitimate pride.

The civilized world will hasten to offer to her great benefactor, the Philosopher of the Seas, an acclamation of praise, in which our feeble tribute would be silenced.

But the world that knew him only as he was conspicuous, cannot mourn for him as we do, who knew him in the intimate relations of friendship and brotherhood. When shall we know another so true, so wise, so pure, so genial, so kind, so affable?

We accept his long life as the embodiment and example of all that constitutes the gentleman, the sage, the philanthropist, the patriot, and the Christian.

As long as the planets roll their nightly courses through the sky, his name will be inscribed on the starry firmament. As long as the ocean heaves, the winds blow, and men seek distant lands in commerce, his praise will not want a voice. Till men forget science, he will not be forgotten; and until men despise patriotism, his example will teach us to give