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Departure—The Voyage—Arrival at Balize—Mixing of Colours—Government House—Colonel M'Donald—Origin of Baliza—Negro Schools—Scene in a Court-Room—Law without Lawyers—The Barracks—Excursion in a Pit-Pan—A Beginning of Honours—Honours accumulating—Departure from Balize—Sweets of Office


Everyone for himself—Travellers' Tricks—Puenta Gorda—A Visit to the Carib Indians—A Carib Crone—A Baptism—Rio Dolce—Beautiful Scenery—Yzabal—Reception of the Padre—A Barber in Office—A Band of "Invincibles"—Parties in Central America—A Compatriot—A Grave in a Foreign Land—Preparations for the Passage of "the Mountain"—A Road not Macadamized—Perils by the Way—A well-spiced Lunch—The Mountain Passed


A Canonigo—How to roast a Fowl—Extempore Shoemaking—Motagua River—Beautiful Scene—Crossing the River—The Luxury of Water—Primitive Costumes—How to make Tortillas—Costly Timber—Gualan—Oppressive Heat—Shock of an Earthquake—A Stroll through the Town—A troublesome Muleteer—A Lawsuit—Important Negotiations—A Modern Bona Dea—How to gain a Husband—A Kingdom of Flora—Zacapa—Making free with a Host


Purchasing a Bridle—A School and its Regulations—Conversation with an Indian—Chiquimula—A Church in Ruins—A Veteran of the French Empire—St. Stephanos—A Land of Mountains—An Affair with a Muleteer—A deserted Village—A rude Assault—Arrest—Imprisonment Release