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An Indian Funeral—Copan River—Woman's Kindness—Hacienda of San Antonio—Strange Customs—A Mountain of Aloes—The State of Honduras—Village of Copan—An ungracious Host—Wall of Copan—History of Copan—First View of the Ruins—Vain Speculations—Applications for Medicine—Search for an Abode—A sick Woman—Plagues of a Muleteer—An unpleasant Situation—A Thunder-storm—Thoughts of buying Copan.



How to begin—Commencement of Explorations—Interest created by these Ruins—Visit from the Alcalde—Vexatious Suspicions—A welcome Visitor—Letter from General Cascara—Buying a City—Visit from Don Gregorio's Family—Distribution of Medicines.



Survey of the Ruins—Account of them by Huarres and by Colonel Galindo—Their Situation—Their Extent—Plan of Survey—Pyramidal Structures—Rows of Death's Heads—Remarkable Portrait—"Idols"—Character of the Engravings—Ranges of Terraces—A Portrait—Courtyards—Curious Altar—Tablets of Hieroglyphics—Gigantic Headstone Quarries—More Applicants for Medicine—"Idols" and Altars—Buried Image—Material of the Statues—Idols originally painted—Circular Altar—Antiquity of Copan.



Separation—An Adventure—Copan River—Don Clementino—A Wedding—A Supper—A Wedding Ball—Buying a Mule—The Sierra— View from the top—Esquipulas—The Cura—Hospitable Reception—Church of Esquipulas—Responsibility of the Cura—Mountain of Quezaltapeque—An narrow Escape—San Jacinto—Reception by the Padre—A Village Fête—An Ambuscade—Motagua River—Village of Santa Rosalia—A Death Scene.



Chimalapa—The Cabildo—A Scene of Revelry—Guastatoya—A Hunt for Robbers—Approach to Guatimala—Beautiful Scenery—Volcanoes of Agua and Fuego—First View of the City—Entry into the City—First Impressions—The Diplomatic Residence—Parties in Central America—Murder of Vice-President Flores—Political State of Guatimala—An embarrassing Situation—The Constituent Assembly—Military Police.



Hacienda of Naranjo—Lazoing— Diplomatic Correspondence—Formulas—Féte of La Concepcion—Taking the Black Veil—A Countrywoman—Renouncing the World—Fireworks, etc.—Procession in Honour of the Virgin—Another Exhibition of Fireworks—A fiery Bull—Insolent Soldiery



The Provisor—News of the Day, how published in Guatimala—Visit to the Convent of La Concepcion—The Farewell of the Nun—Carrera—Sketch of his Life— The Cholera— Insurrections—Carrera heads the Insurgents—His Appearances in Guatimala—Capture of the City—Carrera triumphant—Arrival of Morazan—Hostilities—Pursuit of Carrera—His Defeat—He is again uppermost—Interview with Carrera—His Character.