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Visit to the Volcano of Masaya—Village of Masaya—Lake of Masaya—Nindiri—Ascent of the Volcano—Account of it—The Crater—Descent into it—Volcano of Nindiri—Ignorance of the People concerning Objects of Interest—Return to Masaya—Another Countryman—Managua—Lake of Managua—Fishing—Beautiful Scenery—Mateares—Questa del Relox—Nagarotis—Crosses—A Gamekeeper—Pueblo Nuevo.231


Beantiftul Plain—Leon—Stroll through the Town—Baneful Effects of Party Spirit—Scenes of horror—Unpleasant Intelligence—Journey continued—A fastidious Beggar—Chinandega—Gulf of Conchagua—Visit to Realejo—Cotton Factory—Harbour of Realejo—El Viejo—Port of Naguiscolo—Importance of a Passport—Embarking Mules—A Bungo—Volcano of Coseguina—Eruption of 1835—La Union.239


Journey to San Salvador—A new Companion—San Alejo—War Alarms—State of San Salvador—River Lempa—San Vicente—Volcano of San Vicente—Thermal Springs—Cojutepeque—Arrival at San Salvador—Prejudice against Foreigners—Contributions—Press-Gangs—Vice-President Vigil—Taking of San Miguel and San Vicente—Rumours of a March upon San Salvador—Departure from San Salvador—La Barranca de Guaramal—Volcano of Izalco—Depredations of Rascon—Zonzonate—News from Guatimala—Journey continued—Aguisalco—Apeneca—Mountain of Aguachapa—Subterranean Fires—Aguachapa—Defeat of Morazan—Confusion and Terror.249


Approach of Carrera’s Forces—Terror of the Inhabitants—Their Flight—Surrender of the Town—Ferocity of the Soldiery—A Bulletin—Diplomacy—A Passport—A Breakfast—An Alarm—The Widow Padilla—An Attack—Defeat of Carrera's Forces—The Town taken by General Morazán—His Entry—The Widow's Son—Visit to General Morazán—His Appearance, Character, etc.—Plans deranged.263


Visit from General Morazan—End of his Career—Procuring a Guide—Departure for Guatimala—Fright of the People—The Rio Paz—Hacienda of Pamita—A fortunate Escape- Hacienda of San José—An awkward Predicament—A kind Host—Rancho of Hoctilla—Oratorio and Leon—Rio de los Esclavos—The Village—Approach to Guatimala—Arrival at Guatimala—A Sketch of the Wars—Defeat of Morazan—Scene of Massacre.275


Ruins of Quirigua—Visit to them—Los Amates—Pyramidal Structure—A colossal Head—An Altar—A Collection of Monuments—Statues—Character of the Ruins—A lost City—Purchasing a ruined City.291