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Reception at the Government House—The Captain in Trouble—A Change of Character—Arrangements for Journey to Palenque—Arrest of the Captain—His Release—Dangers in Prospect—Fearful State of the Country—Last Interview with Carrera—Departure from Guatimala—A Don Quixote—Ciudad Vieja—Plain of El Vieja—Volcanoes, Plains, and Villages—San Andres Isapa—Dangerous Road—A Molino—Journey continued—Barrancas—Tecpan Guatimala—A noble Church—A sacred Stone—The ancient City—Description of the Ruins—A Molino—Another Earthquake—Patzum— A Ravine—Fortifications—Los Altos—Godines—Losing a good Friend—Magnificent Scenery—San Antonio—Lake of Atitan.298


Lake of Atitan—Conjectures as to its Origin, &c.—A Sail on the Lake—A dangerous Situation—A lofty Mountain Range—Ascent of the Mountains—Commanding View—Beautiful Plain— An elevated Village—Ride along the Lake—Solola—Visit to Santa Cruz del Quiché—Scenery on the Road—Barrancas—San Thomas—Whipping Posts—Plain of Quiché—The Village—Ruins of Quiché—Its History—Desolate Scene—A facetious Cura—Description of the Ruins— Plan—The Royal Palace—The Place of Sacrifice—An Image—Two HHeads, &c.—Destruction of the Palace recent— An Arch.319


Interior of a Convent—Royal Bird of Quiché—Indian Languages—The Lord's Prayer in the Quiché Language—Numerals in the same—Church of Quiché—Indian Superstitions— Another lost City—Tierra de Guerra—The Aborigines—Their Conversion to Christianity—They were never conquered—A living City—Indian Tradition respecting this City—Probably has never been visited by the Whites—Presents a noble Field for future Enterprise—Departure—San Pedro—Virtue of a Passport—A difficult Ascent—Mountain Scenery—Totonicapan—An excellent Dinner—A Country of Aloes—"River of Blood"—Arrival at Quezaltenango. 339


Quezaltenango—Account of it—Conversion of the Inhabitants to Christianity—Appearance of the City—The Convent—Insurrection—Carrera’s March from Quezaltenango—His Treatment of the Inhabitants—Preparations for Holy Week—The Church—A Procession—Good Friday—Celebration of the Resurrection—Opening Ceremony—The Crucifixion—A Sermon—Descent from the Cross—Grand Procession—Church of Calvario—The case of the Cura—Warm Springs of Almolonga. 348


Journey continued—A Mountain Plain—Lost Guides—A trying Moment—Aguas Callentes—A magnificent View—Gold Ore—San Sebastiano—Gueguetenango—Sierra Madre—A huge Skeleton—The Ruins—Pyramidal Structures—A Vault—Mounds—A welcome Addition—Interior of a Mound—Vases— Ascent of the Sierra Madre—Buena Vista—The Descent—Todos Santos—San Martin—San Andres Petapan—A Forest on Fire—Suffering of the Mules from Swarms of Flies—San Antonio Guista. 360