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Comfortable Lodging—Journey continued—Stony road—Beautiful River—Suspension Bridge—The Dolores—Rio Lagertero—Enthusiasm brought down—Another Bridge—Entry into Mexico—A Bath—A solitary Church—A Scene of Barrenness—Zapoaluta—Comitan—Another Countryman—Mere Perplexities—Official Courtesy—Trade of Comitan—Smuggling—Scarcity of Soap.373


Parting—Sotana—A Millionaire—Ocosingo—Ruins—Beginning of the Rainy Season—A Female Guide—Arrival at the Ruins—Stone Figures—Pyramidal Structures—An Arch—A Stucco Ornament—A WoodenLintel—A curious Cave—Buildings, &c.—A Causeway—More Ruins—Journey to Palenque—Rio Grande—Cascades— Succession of Villages—A Maniac-The Yahalon—Tumbala—A wild Place—A Scene of grandeur and sublimity—Indian Carriers—A steep Mountain—San Pedro382


A wild Country—Ascent of a Mountain—Ride in a Silla—A precarious Situation—The Descent-Rancho of Nopa—Attacks of Mosquitoes—Approach to Palenque—Pasture Grounds—Village of Palenque—A crusty Official—A courteous Reception—Scarcity of Provisions—Sunday—Cholera—The Conversion, Apostasy, and Recovery of the Indians—River Chacamal—The Caribs—Ruins of Palenque.404


Preparations for visiting the Ruins—A Turn out—Departure—The Road—Rivers Micel and Otula—Arrival at the Ruins—The Palace—A Feu-de-jois—Quarters in the Palace— inscriptions by former Visitors—The Fate of Beanham—Discovery of the Ruins of Palenque—Visit of Del Rio—Expedition of Dupaix—Drawings of the present Work—First Dinner at the Ruins—Mammoth Fireflies—Sleeping Apartments—Extent of the Ruins—Obstacles to Exploration—Suffering from Mosquitoes. 404


Precautions against the Attacks of Mosquitoes—Mode of life at Palenque—Description of the Palace—Piers—Hieroglyphics—Figures—Doorways—Corridors—Courtyards—A wooden Relic—Stone Steps—Towers—Tablets—Stucco Ornaments, &c. &c.—The Royal Chapel—Explorations—An Alarm—Insects—Effect of Insect Stings—Return to the Village of Palenque.417


A Voice from the Ruins—Buying Bread—Arrival of Padres—Cura of Palenque—Card Playing—Sunday—Mass—A Dinner Party—Mementoes of Heme—Dinner Customs—Return to the Ruins—A marked Change—Terrific Thunder—A Whirlwind—A Scene of the sublime and terrible.438