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Plan of the Ruins—Pyramidal Structure—A Building—Stucco Ornaments—Human Figures—Tablets—Remarkable Hieroglyphs—Range of Pillars—Stone Terrace—Another Building—A large Tablet—A Cross—Conjectures in regard to this Cross—Beautiful Sculpture—A Platform—Curious Devices—A Statue—Another Pyramidal Structure surmounted by a Building—Corridors—A curious Bas-relief—Stone Tablets, with Figures in Bas-relief—Tablets and Figures—The Oratorio—More Pyramidal Structures and Buildings—Extent of the Ruins—These Ruins the Remains of a polished and peculiar People—Antiquity of Palenque.447


Departure from the Ruins—Bad Road—An Accident—Arrival at the Village—A Funeral Procession—Negotiations for purchasing Palenque—Making Casts—Final Departure from Palenque—Beautiful Plain—Hanging Birds'-nests—A Sitio—Adventure with a monstrous Ape—Hospitality of Padres—Las Playas—A Tempest—Mosquitoes—A youthful Merchant—Alligators—Another Funeral—Disgusting Ceremonials. 475


Embarkation—An inundated Plain—Rio Chico—The Usumasinta—Rio Palisada—Yucatan—More Revolutions—Vespers—Embarkation for the Laguna—Shooting Alligators—Tremendous Storm—Boca Chico—Lake of Terminos—A Calm, succeeded by a Tempest—Arrival at the Laguna…486


Laguna—Journey to Merida—Sisal—A new Mode of Conveyance—Village of Hunucama—Arrival at Merida—Aspect of the City—Féte of Corpus Domini—The Cathedral—The Procession—Beauty and Simplicity of the Indian Women—Palace of the Bishop—The Theatre—Journey to Uxmal—Hacienda of Vayalquex—Value of Water—Condition of the Indians in Yucatan—A peculiar kind of Coach—Hacienda of Mucuyché—A beautiful Grotto.497


Journey resumed—Arrival at Uxmal—Hacienda of Uxmal—Major-Domos—Adventures of a young Spaniard—Visit to the Ruins of Uxmal—First Sight of the Ruins—Character of the Indians—Details of Hacienda Livt—A delicate Case—Illness of Mr. Catherwood—Breaking up.509


Ruins of Uxmal—A lofty Building—Magnificent View from Its Doorway—Peculiar sculptured Ornaments—Another Building, called by the Indians the House of the Dwarf—An Indian Legend—The House of the Nuns—The House of Turtles—The House of Pigeons—The Guard-house—Absence of Water—The House of the Governor—Terraces—Wooden Lintels—Details of the House of the Governor—Doorways—Corridors—A Beam of Wood, inscribed with Hieroglyphics—Sculptured Stones, &c. 515