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Exploration finished—Who built these ruined Cities?—Opinion of Dupaix—These Ruins bear no resemblance to the Architecture of Greece and Rome—Nothing like them in Europe—Do not resemble the known Works of Japan and China—Neither those of Hindu—No excavated Temples found—The Pyramids of Egypt, in their original state, do not resemble what are called the Pyramids of America—The Temples of Egypt not like those of America—Sculpture not the same as that of Egypt—Probable Antiquity of these Ruins—Accounts of the Spanish Historians—These Cities probably built by the Races inhabiting the country at the time of the Conquest—These Races not yet extinct. 527


Journey to Merida—Village of Moona—A Pond of Water, a Curiosity—Aboula—Indian Runners—Merida—Departure—Hunucama—Siege of Campeachy—Embarkation for Havana— Incidents of the Passage—Fourth of July at Sea—Shark-fishing—Getting lost at Sea—Relieved by the Helen Maria—Passage to New York —Arrival—Conclusion.542