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Boil some potatoes, peel and rub them to a paste. Mix with an equal quantity of egg-contents. Add minced onions, a little besan, ginger-juice, salt, powdered pepper and red chillies. Mix thoroughly. Form cakes, dip them into a cup containing beaten egg-contents, roll on powdered biscuits or bread crumbs, and finally fry in plenty of boiling ghee.


Shell and slice some hard boiled eggs into four pieces. Dip them into a very thick solution of besan with a little powdered turmeric and salt, and fry in plenty of ghee till they are brown. Again dip them into a cup containing egg-contents beaten with powdered turmeric, ginger-juice and onion-juice, and then roll on powdered biscuit or suji(middlings), and fry as before.


Shell some hard-boiled eggs and brown them, entire or halved, with ghee. Then brown some big pieces of potatoes and add to them powdered pepper, cumin, coriander, turmeric and salt. Stir a little and add water. Add eggs on boiling. Fry chopped onions, red chillies and cassia leaves in some ghee and season the curry with these. Boil for some time more. Add powdered garam-masalla before taking down.