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Shell some hard-boiled eggs and bring out the yolks by cutting a little on one side. Boil some ghee and add a few cassia leaves, cloves and cardamom seeds. When the smell of the spices evolves add some minced meat mixed with some minced onions, ginger-juice, powdered turmeric, coriander, garam-masalla and .salt. Singe the meat till the water evaporates. Mix with a little sugar before taking down. Then stuff the hollows of the boiled eggs with this spiced meat and close the openings with a little flour paste. Brown the eggs in ghee and serve with pasted mustard, pieces of cucumber, sliced onions, boiled potatoes, etc.


Smear the interior surface of a cup with ghee and pour into it the contents of some eggs. Place the cup on hot water covered with a lid and take it down when hard boiled. Cut in small squares and fry in ghee or oil. Cut the kernel of a ripe cocoa-nut in small pieces, smear ground turmeric and .salt, and fry. After this brown some pieces of potatoes and add water with coriander, pepper, cumin, turmeric, ginger, onions and salt, all ground to a paste. Add the pieces of cocoa-nut and eggs on boiling. Fry cassia leaves, minced onions and red chillies in ghee and season the curry with them. Add powdered garam-masalla before finish. It is very tasteful and gives the wrong impression of chhana to taste, hence its name 'Dhonka' meaning illusion.