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Indoor and Outdoor Gymnastic Games


Three Indian Club Race

Each player has three clubs placed in front of him at one end of the gymnasium. He must take the clubs, one at a time, and place them behind a certain line at the other end of the gymnasium and return to the starting line. If a man fails to place a club properly or stand it up, he must return and do so before winning or completing the race.

Another form of the "Club Race" is as follows:

The vertical line is the scratch from which the runners start and to which they run to finish the race. The square dots are spots on which the clubs are stood prior to starting the runners.

Indoor Outdoor Gymnastics p47.jpg

The club each runner carries is made to stand over the crosses before another club can be picked up. The semicircular lines indicate the enclosures in which all the clubs must stand before the final dash to the scratch is made.

Club Hustle

Divide players equally. Form ranks in "front dress." Place an Indian club in the hand of each foremost man. At the word, "Go," he stoops and passes the club between his legs to player behind him, who continues it on down the line. When the rear player receives it, he runs to the head of the line and starts it again. When every player has thus been at the head of the line and the original starter has received the club at the foot of the