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Indoor and Outdoor Gymnastic Games

line, and placed it in an upright position at the head of the line, the game is over. The side that completes the circuit first wins.

A little thought and ingenuity will suggest numerous ways of varying the sport, but a few suggestions are herewith given.

(1) At the signal, the club is grasped with the left hand and passed down the line, being touched only by the left hand of each man. The rear man passes it behind him and it is then passed forward by the right hands alone. The first man sets the club down across the line where it must remain standing or no point is made. If any but the one hand touches the club on its journey, a foul is counted, or the line wins that first gets the club to its place without fouling.

(2) Any number of clubs, say six, can be passed in the same way. All the clubs must be replaced across the line and remain standing before a side can score.

(3) One club can zig zag down and back, the first man grasping the club with his left hand and passing it behind him to his neighbor's right and so on. The rear man must pass it around behind him before starting it forward.

Indian Club Circle Pull

Form a circle, grasping hands. Place as many clubs as there are players inside the circle, in such a position that the players may move about them freely. Indicate which way the circle shall revolve, and start. Each man endeavors to make his neighbor knock down a pin by pulling him into them. Knocking down two pins causes the displacement of a player, taking a pin with him.


Short Dash

Run in heats of four, any distance compatible with the floor-space. First two men run in the second round, semi-final or final.