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Indoor and Outdoor Gymnastic Games

Y. M. C. A. Potato Race

(Rules found in the Official Handbook of the Athletic League of the Young Men's Christian Associations of North America.)

Potato Race

All are acquainted with the old-fashioned potato-race, where an equal number of potatoes for each player are placed in a line (as in the Indian Club Race, just described), the race being finished or won when all the potatoes (one at a time) are placed in the receptacle at the starting line and the final dash made for the finishing line. Rules found in the Official Handbook of the Amateur Athletic Union.

Relay (Pursuit) Race

For a running track, two teams of any equal number may enjoy this race. One team assembles at one end of the track and one at the other. One runner from each team is selected and started at the same time, both going in the same direction. Any number of laps may be completed (we will say two) when another runner stands ready to tap the hand of his mate and complete two laps, endeavoring to catch the opponent. If one side catches the other before all have run, that side wins, or the side that finishes its circuit first wins. Or the pursuit may be continued, the first runner taking up the running again for his team and so continuing until one side catches the other. The wildest excitement prevails and close watch will need be kept for fairness.

Obstacle Race

Place a number of pieces of apparatus around gymnasium, to be clambered or jumped over. Run two players at a time, narrowing it down to a final heat.