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Indoor and Outdoor Gymnastic Games

Human Race

Divide off in pairs. One player carries another from one end of the gymnasium across a certain line, when he in turn is picked up by him who was carried, and returned across the starting line. This may be run in heats and finals, thus increasing the interest.

Wheelbarrow Race

Divide off in pairs. One player takes the other by the feet, forming a wheelbarrow. He who pushes his barrow (who, of course, runs on his hands) across the finish line, at the other end of the gymnasium first, wins. Heats and finals, if desired.

Knapsack Race

Each player stands inside a cloth meal sack, holding the bag up with his hands. Heats and finals.

Hopping Race

On one foot (right or left) or both feet. Heats and finals.

Chariot Race

Two locking arms and racing two others around the hall. Three or four abreast may be used. Breaking hold gives race to other party. Heats and finals.

Tug of War

The tug may be pulled in two ways; in the first, there is no limit of time, but the teams pull until one has pulled the other over a given line; in the second, the pulling is for a certain number of minutes, and at the end of that time the team wins on whose side the middle of the rope is. In both methods the middle of the rope is marked, usually by tying a piece of colored cloth around it and a person acting as judge or referee holds it exactly over the line, as he gives the signal to begin pulling.